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How To Stand Out With Neutral Colors

Black is such a great base color for a lot of fall wedding schemes lately. Yes we can obviously “fall” in love with the Pinterest themes of browns and oranges and rust...yet the most overlooked and underrated color for a man’s suit....is BLACK. Not that we don't love a good pinterest inspired fall earth tone wedding suit (we do!) yet if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with trying to get every detail to fit cohesively. A crisp black suit or tuxedo might just be the simple touch you're looking for to wrap the whole look together.

It provides you with a fantastic pop of contrast against just about any color combo of dresses, flowers and decor. It’s a classic non competing color that has proven to be a timeless option for men. As we said in our plain and simple article, sometimes less is more.

Black also has a way of being a bit more formal and classy which is usually a great complement for any wedding scheme. At the end of the day…it's a wedding! This is your time you are going to debut yourselves as an official married couple to your closest friends and family, if there were ever a time to be more formal, this is it.

A simple, yet stark contrast color that POPS!

The options in black are endless. From tuxedo to suit there's a multitude of fabrics that give subtle accents to each one. Our recommendation is to try on one and see what fits your tastes. If you prefer the suit...sometimes it makes sense to buy one to own. If you prefer the tuxedo...sometimes it makes sense to rent due to the lack of events that truly call for a black tux.

A man will have a variety of events in his life where a black suit is a perfectly appropriate suit to wear. The amount of events that call specifically for “Black Tie” are generally a lot less often. This is where the decision to rent or buy comes into play. By renting the tuxedo you save yourself the costs of purchasing an item that potentially sits in your closet for years to come without being worn. We usually will say, if you wear the items 3 or more times within a 2 year span then it may make sense to buy your items.

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