Lebanon County Consumers... Due to leasing conflicts with our landlord, we will be closing the Poplar Commons location at years end. (12/31/2023). Contact our Lancaster location until a future Lebanon office is established!

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Wedding Tips

Eat Local, Shop Local, Rent Local

Easy Fixes

We own a large stock of all your menswear needs so if someone loses a little weight before the wedding, or a ring bearer has a growth spurt, we have sizes on hand for quick, and easy fixes

We have the inventory so you can stress a little less about your big day.

On Site Alterations

We can provide on site alterations to ensure your rented or bought tuxedo will fit you perfectly. From sleeve and pant length adjustments for rentals, and a full tailoring on sales, our tailor will work efficiently to ensure you’re in love with your look.

If we make any mistakes or measure incorrectly, your rental look can be fixed in 10-15 minutes.

From all over the country

We make it easy for your groomsmen from all over the country (and world) to get fitted here. All they have to do is get measured in their home city and we’ll do the rest. The advantage in renting local is that all tuxedo pick ups and alterations will be done in proximity to the wedding venue. No transporting your tux on a plane or being late to return it at home.

Make it easier on yourself and RENT LOCAL!

How To Match With Your Groomsmen

Look sleek in Classic matching Tuxedos

One of our newest couples outfitted all their men in the Navy Fitzgerald. They chose to keep all the men in the same vest and crisp black bow-tie which makes them look sleek and put together. By not introducing extra colors, the groom still looks distinguished with his bride & great with his groomsmen. ​ Congratulations Prasad and Amanda and thanks for choosing Central PA Tuxedo!

Don't Sweat Your Wedding

The summer months can be one of the most popular times of the year for weddings. If you have a summer or early fall wedding you are probably worried about staying cool while being formal.

Don't sweat it! You have a lot of options for skipping the sweat and keeping the style. Take notes from our newest styled shoot with tan pants, a fitted shirt and statement suspenders.

The fitted shirt keeps you breezy and cool while suspenders allow you to stay formal but not suffer in a jacket.

Royal Blue: Fall's Hottest Color

Blue suits and Tuxedos are current in! Check out our diverse selection of blue shades and styles!

Plain & Simple

Flowers & decor can be louder and prouder than your suit....THAT IS OKAY!

Sometimes we overthink our grooms attire. While the industry is getting super creative; we love making you fit the scene first and foremost. If you have very unique color schemes & decor, sometimes being classic is best. You will POP. You won't be overshadowed. You won't look out of place. Your timeless-ness will create a beautiful image.

The couple below is an awesome example of why sometimes a perfectly fitted black tuxedo matches the style better than trying to extend into tans & oranges. It brings the right vibe, the setting and scene necessary to pull it all together.