Rental Terms Of Service

Thank you for using our rental services. Central PA Menswear & Tuxedo will guarantee our rental service as long as our customers follow this service agreement. We do not provide refunds after use unless items provided do not meet normal quality control standards.


Wedding Customers have a Two day before use availability. Proms/Singles have a One day before use availability.

*** It is encouraged that the customer tries on the rental items at the store so staff personnel can assist in any adjustments required. Remember that each style has a different fit and the potential may exist that items may need to be changed to achieve the correct rental fit. The try-on process can also catch errors of items. Some adjustments can be made while you wait, some require a trip back to shop the following day.

*** If you choose not to try-on at the shop you are waiving the right to adjust items in the scheduled route system designed. Phone calls concerning adjustments must be made by close of business or by noon of the following day to receive service.

*** Please note that route deliveries from warehouse are scheduled and have regular timetables so the later you take to try-on the possibility of a later replacement delivery!


All customers are to return items the next business day after use! See your store location for hours of operation! April/May customers must return on Sundays so the company can better provide time for cleaning division.

*** During our busy times, each suit will have something that is being used the following week! Late fees of $10/day will be assessed after 1 day grace period!


Remember that when a reservation is placed, you have asked the company to hold items from their stock for your use. This may affect what can be rented to someone else. If the request is canceled before we start to process the order(7 days) then a $20 fee is charged. With-in 7 days a $40 fee will be assessed since additional costs have been incurred

Damages/Lost Items

Enjoying the use of the rental items has its limits. If items can't be cleaned and returned to rental use then it is considered damaged and the cost to repair or replace will be charged. With lost items, the cost to replace will be charged. Cigarette burns, excessive dir on white/Ivory items and knee or leg burns of fabric are examples of items that come back in a damaged condition. Respect our product and the staff will thank you. Central PA Tuxedo does not offer a damage waiver to exempt you from these costs!