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Wedding Specials

Central PA Tuxedos Wedding Special
Fathers & Ring Bearers

$20 OFF List Price

Fathers, Step Fathers, and Grandfathers all qualify

Central PA Tuxedos Wedding Special

Free Rental

(With 6 or more rentals of equal or more value)

Central PA Tuxedos Wedding Special

10% OFF List Price

Need Active Military ID

Wedding and Prom Tuxedo Rental

Base Pricing For Rentals

Classic and Modern Fit $124.95
Suits $139.95
Premium Suit & Slim Fit Tuxedo's $151.95
Speciality Tuxedo's ​$169.95
Special Order Rentals ​$189.95

All Packages include: Jacket, Pants, Shirt, Vest or Suspender, Tie or Bowtie

Shoes are additional charge: $10-$15-$20 options available

Our prices are reflective of a $50 markdown from the suggested manufactoring prices!
Customers save $70-$100 on average per rental vs the national chain stores.

Purchase Suits For Your Wedding

We've seen an increase of men wishing buy their suit or tuxedo for their wedding, so we increased our capabilities to give grooms the scalability of crafting their perfect wedding day look!

Whether you are buying an "off the rack" styled suit and having it tailored or you'd like to have items custom made specifically for you... we've got options for both!

Many of our grooms opt for buying their suit to be tailored while still utilizing the vast rental options to give thier groomsmen a cost friendly outfit that complements thier look.

Retail Pricing

Basic Retail Suits $295 (2pc)
Mid Grade Suits $325 (2pc)
Mantoni Super 140's Wool $375 (2pc)
Enzo Tovare Super 150's Wool $425 (2pc)
Custom Made Suits Priced by Fabric Selection
Typical Range $695 - $1500

Find Your Menswear Here!

Premium Quality Suits to Last

Menswear for Wedding

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